About Hoop-it-All

As of November, 2015 - we closed down production of the Hoop-it-All hoops/frames. Sales simply didn't support the cost of producing these frames. We currently are continuing to provide the Stabilizers that support these frames originally invented by Don Rowley.

It is a sad time for us, having to say good bye to this product was a difficult choice but it had to be done. We hope you read this with understanding and know that we gave it all we had, and there couldn't have been anything to change this result.

Clare Rowley will continue to bring you more of her wonderful and still high in demand sewing products, in addition to educational videos on her YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe now if you haven't yet!


Our FaBric brand stabilizers are unique and specific to your needs. Each stabilizer is a tool useful for different jobs, allowing you to effortlessly achieve professional results! We tame your fabric so your embroidery looks wonderful not only when done, but years later after washing!

To learn more about why professionals choose our stabilizers over other brands and what makes our stabilizers the best for all of your embroidery projects, click here!

Do you offer a Free Motion embroidery kit?

We do in fact sell a free motion kit called the Octi-Hoops that fit nearly every sewing machine and allows you to do free motion embroidery easier than ever before. Learn more about these exciting frames by clicking here!