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The original embroidery frames designed to eliminate the pain of stretching your fabric into 2 hoop rings! Hoop-it-All's thin frame design paired with our adhesive backed stabilizers give you the freedom to embroider on just about anything!

Use it for embroidering on ready to wear items without having to un-sew pockets, cuffs, colars, pant legs and more! Imagine embroidering on couture, wedding veils, sheer scarfs, lingerie and even latex with no stabiizer visible when complete! It's even possible to embroider on floor mats, balsa wood, raw hide leather and baseball caps!

Our one of a kind, rail mounting system gives you complete freedom of where to embroider within each of our frames. With Hoop-it-All's larger frames, embroidery has never been more exciting! Imagine embroidering 4 large designs or 1 huge design utilizing 4 large sewing fields all in a single hooping! In the Hoop projects have never been easier! If you can dream it, we will help you create it!

How it Works

Hoop-it-All embroidery frames are essentially a hoop replacement kit, that allows you to do things you just can't do with your machine's 2-ring hoop. Our frames allow you to embroider on just about anything and more! To learn how we make this possible click here!

Choosing a Frame

No matter what you're wanting to embroider, you've found the right source! We offer a wide variety of frame sizes and styles, so to help you decide which of our frames is perfect for your current and future projects click here!


Our FaBric brand stabilizers are unique and specific to your needs. Each stabilizer is a tool useful for different jobs, allowing you to effortlessly achieve professional results! We tame your fabric so your embroidery looks wonderful not only when done, but years later after washing!

To learn more about why professionals choose our stabilizers over other brands and what makes our stabilizers the best for all of your embroidery projects, click here!

About Hoop-it-All

As of December, 2014 - Clare Rowley, inventor of the Creative Feet line of products and CEO of Creative Feet LLC, acquired the Hoop-it-All line of products from her brother John Rowley. John joined the Hoop-it-All company in the 80's and co-invented many of the features with Don Rowley, the orginal inventor of the first Hoop-it-All baseball cap hoop.

We're keeping this amazing product line in the family and to serve you better, we've opted to integrate hoopitall.com within creativefeet.com. With Clare's creativity, inventive ability, knowledge and hands on approach, she's perfect to lead the Hoop-it-All product line into the future! 

Do you offer a Free Motion embroidery kit?

We do in fact sell a free motion kit called the Octi-Hoops that fit nearly every sewing machine and allows you to do free motion embroidery easier than ever before. Learn more about these exciting frames by clicking here!