I was scheduled to attend the Paducah Quilt show and they just sent me an email stating that they did not want me to attend.

This is the first time any show has not wanted my products at their show..... so I really am shocked! I figure I should take their lemons and turn them into lemonade, what do you think? 
Since they had already taken my money and I have my hotel and airfare already paid for, I thought..... Perhaps it's time to teach you a LIVE CLASS. Would any of you be interested in visiting with me in a nearby location to the Paducah Quilt show for some classes and seminars?
Bring your own sewing machine, I'll have kits so you won't need to shop for your supplies and we can get together to create some mini quilts or pillows that are quilted and also appliqued? A complete project using the Creative Feet and the Octi-Hoops? 
Give me your input, this is when I really need those of you that are quiet to speak out :) I've been thinking it's time to teach live, help me satisfy your wants. I can teach you any sewing, embroidery or quilting technique - so, help me learn from you what you'd like and hurry because the event will happen the end of April... the clock is ticking!
Dates: April 25-28, 2012