Quiltlets elastic straps for quilting and embroidery
Quiltlets for use with Octi-Hoops free motion quilting hoop framesOcti-Hoops embroidery and quilting frames - Quiltlets for holding your quilt



Kit Includes: 20 sets of pre-cut soft and pliable elastic strips and safety pins, strong enough to hold a King-Size Quilt! Use anytime you want to control your fabric.



Let Quiltlets hold your quilt as you stipple and follow template patterns!

  • Eliminates the need to hold onto your quilt.
  • Hands won't hurt!
  • With arms resting on machine if using the Octi-Hoops, your back won't hurt!
  • Eliminate risk of sewing areas of quilt together and having to rip out stitches.


  1. Fold under 1/2" of elastic end and insert safety pin.
  2. Pin into quilt along side of rolled up quilt.
  3. Flip over quilt to locate safety pin tip.
  4. Pull opposite end of elastic over fabric roll.
  5. Fold elastic end 1/2" and insert into open safety pin.
  6. Flip to view top of quilt.
  7. Close safety pin.